Road Trip Snack Box

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Road Trip Snack Box

A Healthy and Delicious Travel Companion

We love traveling, but I can only eat so many fast food cheeseburgers and gas station candy bars before I start to feel sick. That’s why packing these adult lunchable-style snack boxes is a game changer for road trips. Not only do they ward off hunger, but they also keep you feeling good while on the go.

Travel snack box

Snack Boxes

I found these bento boxes on Amazon, and they are fantastic! They’re inexpensive, easy to wash, come with lids, and stack nicely in the cooler or the car. They made the perfect road trip snack box.

I used the silicone liners to hold the ranch because I knew the container would be able to sit upright the whole time.  If you’re adding the container to a child’s lunchbox or backpack, I would suggest using a separate container or fast food packet of ranch.

Here’s what I packed in our snack boxes for a recent trip:

  • Stuffed Sweet Peppers: These are filled with a tasty soft cheese and topped with everything seasoning, perfect for a crunchy and creamy bite.
  • Grapes: Fresh and sweet, they’re the perfect pop-in-your-mouth snack.
  • Trail Mix: Check out my homemade trail mix recipes here.
  • Cucumbers with Ranch: Crisp cucumber slices paired with a creamy ranch dip.
  • Pepperoni and Cheese: Classic and satisfying, especially with some crackers on the side.
  • Crackers: Great for pairing with cheese and pepperoni.
snack boxes for adults
Adult lunchable ideas
Adult lunchable containers

For my personal road trip snack box, I opted for a slightly healthier version by leaving out the crackers and using:

  • Cottage Cheese Ranch: A lighter and protein-packed alternative to regular ranch.
  • Turkey Pepperoni: Less fat but just as flavorful.
  • Light Cheese: To keep it lighter but still delicious.
adult bento box ideas

Other great items to include in your snack boxes:

  1. Fresh Vegetables: Carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, and bell pepper strips.
  2. Fruits: Apple slices, berries, or a small container of fruit salad.
  3. Hummus: Perfect for dipping veggies or spreading on pita bread.
  4. Hard-Boiled Eggs: A great source of protein.
  5. Nuts and Seeds: Almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, or pumpkin seeds.
  6. Greek Yogurt: Add a small container of granola to sprinkle on top.
  7. Whole Grain Crackers or Rice Cakes: For a healthier crunch.
  8. Dried Fruit: Like apricots, raisins, or banana chips.
  9. To keep everything fresh, I packed our adult bento boxes in an insulated bag with an ice pack. These snack boxes are perfect for both kids and adults, making them a versatile option for the whole family.
Adult lunchable containers
Adult lunchable
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Happy Travels

Next time you’re planning a road trip, give these snack boxes a try. They’re a healthier and tastier alternative to fast food and gas station snacks, and they make the journey just as enjoyable as the destination. Happy travels!

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Road Trip Snack Box

Road Trip Snack Box

Adult lunchable-style snack boxes are a game changer for road trips. They ward off hunger and keep you feeling good on the go.
Course Snack


  • Grapes
  • Stuffed Sweet Peppers
  • Cucumbers with cottage cheese ranch
  • Trail mix
  • Pepperoni
  • Cheese
  • Crackers


  • Add snacks to your snack box and seal with the lid.
  • When hunger strikes mid-travel, pull out your snack box and enjoy.
  • *Be sure to pack in an insulated bag with an ice pack if you’re packing snacks that require refrigeration.
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